Research and Development

Research and

Develop products based on the advanced
technologies to develop competence
"Step Further".

STARLITE has always been ahead of market needs by cultivating fundamental technologies through the advanced tribology technologies, expanding its technological domains, and developing original products based on the key words of Materials Compounding, Geometric Design, and Processing.

We constantly learn the advanced technologies focused on plastics and pursue a wealth of technological development capabilities that can be co-created with business partners.

R&D Strategies

  • Mastering fundamental
  • To build and acquire
    the advanced technologies
  • Creation of
    new competence

Research of Advanced Technologies

Through application research on tribology technologies, mainly engineering plastics, we are developing functional products embodying the concept of "Slide", "Hold", and "Protect". In addition, we will continue to contribute to the comfortable life around the world by developing new competent products taking the environment and ecology into consideration in various industries.

Lead to application based
on CAE analysis, and evaluation technologies

CAE analysis and analytical evaluation by specialists are aimed at providing highly reliable product solutions in a short period of time. CAE strengthens the accumulation of the correlation between the latest nonlinear simulation analysis and the serial production. In addition, our analytical technology supported by the modern apparatus accurately identifies problem and our in-house designed measuring instruments support our solution for the product design.

Thermal analysis tester
Pin-on-disk friction and abrasion tester
Thermal cycle shock test chamber


STARLITE has been developed functional products embodying the concept of "slide", "hold", and "protect" with original material and evaluation technologies. Our public relations officers will deliver the messages from the site of "creators of new competence".

To be a new co-creation in partnership with customers.

Our own tribology technologies and analytical evaluation technologies resolve problems.