STARLITE hires mid-career professionals who possess extensive work experience with industry-ready skills and can demonstrate new knowledge and methods. The main job categories and descriptions are as follows.
We accept applications through Hello Work and recruitment agencies.

Sales position

Contemplate and propose to solve problem for customers either in Japan and overseas. Job that serves as a bridge between customers to convey the advantage of our products, value, and services.

Technical research position

Develop new products and realize advanced technologies to meet customer needs. And also improve our technologies, products, equipment, and processes in order to improve productivity in Japan and overseas. Job with technical specialized skills and creativity.

Planning position

Support business divisions by generating and implementing ideas from a variety of perspectives, including management strategy, marketing, human resources, accounting and customer needs. Job that require information gathering and creativity.

Production position

Set production conditions and determine work methods to produce stable quality in accordance with product requirements. Job in which each employee can use the knowledge and skills that they have acquired to carry out rewarding manufacturing.