Supporting lifestyles with competence
and services of "safe," "secure,"
and "comfortable."

There are people who support our daily lives and who make, carry and move, maintain, and protect them.

STARLITE not only contributes to improve safety, hygiene in workplace and disaster area. Also we support the creation of safe and comfortable lifestyles by offering products and services.

Superiority of STARLITE

  • Track records of safety pursuit
    at critical conditions
  • Product development capabilities
    by taking the advantages of plastics
  • offering solutions for prevention
    and control device utilizing IoT.

Respect safety first in the workplace.

STARLITE developed Japan's first lightweight plastic helmet in 1952, and since then has been developing products that are both safe and comfortable for people.

In response to heat stress at work sites, which has been attracting attention in recent years, we contribute to ensuring the safety of work sites and improving the quality of work by developing an IoT-based remote management system called the "e-Met System" and heat shielding helmet.

e-Met System
e-Met System
Helmet for fire brigade
Helmet for fire brigade
Non-slip sheet
Non-slip sheet

Protect Quality and Life.

LED Lamp with heat conductive plastic ELESAVE, offers proposals for niche applications at production sites, such as chemical resistance, NVH resistance, and specific wavelength-cutting for inspections. LED green lamp makes small scratches on product more visible and improve inspection risks at production sites.

"Repulsion apparatus against harmful animals" is a system that does not cause a harm to people or the environment due to the use of biologically oriented liquids, and its installation has progressed in railway companies, highways, agricultural fields, golf courses, and so on.

LED lamp for high ceilings
LED lamp for high ceilings
3D impact CAE analysis
3D impact CAE analysis
Repulsion apparatus against harmful animals
Repulsion apparatus against harmful animals

Safety and comfort requirement.

The "Quick House", a portable toilet, is designed considering privacy protection and easy to install in just five minutes., We provide them as a disaster stockpiles to local governments and schools. We are also conducting assembly demonstrations in emergency training.

The "Shellcar" garage, which can be evacuated by keep floating in the event of a large-scale flood, is usually used as a garage and does not require extra space.

Quick House portable toilet
"Quick House" portable toilet
Shellcar garage
"Shellcar" garage
Cold Towels towel holder for keep cooling
"Cold Towels" towel holder for keep cooling

STARLITE turns the customer's demands asking "Step further" into competence.

We propose competence and services for daily safety and security, and for comfortable living, such as improving the safety of workplaces, countermeasures against heat stress, improvement of workability, improvement of comfort, local safety and security measures, and disaster prevention measures.