Supporting your life with
“safe,” “secure,” and “comfortable”
functions and services.

There are people who support our daily lives: those who make, transport, and maintain. There are also people who protect them.

Starlite not only contributes to improving health and safety in the workplace and providing measures in times of disasters but also supports the creation of a safe and comfortable lifestyle by offering products and services with added comfort and convenience.

Starlite’s Strength

  • Track records of safety pursuit
    under severe conditions
  • Product development capabilities
    utilizing plastic features
  • Proposal of IoT-based preventive
    and control devices

Respect safety first in the workplace and respond to the reduction of environmental burden on Earth

Starlite released Japan’s first lightweight plastic helmet in 1952, and since then has been developing products that provide safety and comfort for people.

In response to heat stress at work sites which has been drawing attention in recent years, we contribute to ensuring the safety of work sites and improving the quality of work by developing a helmet with an IoT-based remote temperature monitor system called the “eMET” and a heat shielding helmet.

“Pervio BP” is the industry’s first BP (BiomassPla Mark) acquired helmet which we developed in order to reduce the environmental burden on Earth. We propose not only to ensure safety and improve the environment, but also to reduce the use of fossil-based resources.

Helmet for fire brigade
Helmet for fire brigade

Provide safety, security, and comfort in times of disasters

“Quick House” has developed as a durable portable toilet that can be used safely and with peace of mind in evacuation centers. It is thin for stockpiling and easy transportation and can be assembled in only five minutes. Security and hygienic features have been added as lessons from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. “Quick Toilet” can be used safely for a long period of time with the auto flap that operates with a small amount of water, responding to increased demand for hygienic toilets in times of disaster. Assembly demonstrations are available on request, e.g. at fire drills.

“Shellcar” is usually used as a garage and it does not require extra space. However, in case of large-scale flooding, it can be used as an evacuation tool by keeping afloat.

Quick House portable toilet
"Quick House" portable toilet
Shellcar garage
"Shellcar" garage
Portable toilet
Portable toilet

STARLITE turns the customer's demands asking "Step further" into competence.

We propose competence and services for daily safety and security, and for comfortable living, such as improving the safety of workplaces, countermeasures against heat stress, improvement of workability, improvement of comfort, local safety and security measures, and disaster prevention measures.