Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Starlite Co., Ltd. (hereafter " STARLITE ") abides by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and its guidelines, our “Personal Information Protection Regulations”, and other regulations and rules. STARLITE properly manages to protect personal information obtained during the course of business activities, and takes the following measures.

1.Definition of terms

"Personal information" in this Policy means that information relating to a living individual which falls under any of each following item.

  • those containing a name, date of birth, or other descriptions etc. (meaning any and all matters (excluding an individual identification code) stated, recorded or otherwise expressed utilizing voice, movement or other methods in a document, drawing or electromagnetic record (meaning a record kept in an electronic, magnetic or other forms that cannot be recognized through the human senses.)) whereby a specific individual can be identified (including those which can be readily collated with other information and thereby identify a specific individual).
  • those containing an individual identification code

    • An "individual identification code" in this Policy means those able to identify a specific individual that are a character, letter, number, symbol or other codes into which a bodily partial feature of the specific individual has been converted in order to be provided for utilization by computers.
    • "Retained personal data" in this Policy means personal data which STARLITE has the authority to disclose, correct, add or delete the contents of, cease the utilization of, erase, and cease the third-party provision of, and which shall be those prescribed by cabinet order as likely to harm the public or other interests if their presence or absence is made known.

2.Scecurity Control Action of personal data

STARLITE shall take necessary and appropriate action for the security control of personal data including preventing the leakage, loss or damage of its handled personal data.

3.Specifying a Utilization Purpose of personal data

STARLITE shall utilize the personal information for the following purposes. If it becomes necessary to utilize personal information for any other purpose, STARLITE shall obtain your consent.

  • Provision and maintenance of products and services (hereinafter referred to as "products") handled by STARLITE, affiliated companies and business partners
  • Product planning, development, improvement, manufacturing, sales, installation
  • Contact for inquiries and answers
  • Campaign/ Event information/ Lottery/ Winning notification/ Prize shipping
  • For information about products, etc., or for advertisement distribution or display of STARLITE, affiliated companies, and partners
  • Sales analysis of products, etc./Questionnaire survey to improve services
  • Suggestions regarding products, etc. that users may be interested in on the website
  • Optimized to display content in the most efficient way for users
  • Providing information to applicants for employment, contact / notification, selection of employment, questionnaire / analysis for employment activities
  • Unauthorized access/ Prevention and investigation of cyberattacks and other illegal or potentially malicious acts
  • To create statistical data by processing individuals into a form that cannot be identified
  • Attachment / related operations above
  • Other purposes for which you have previously agreed

4.Restriction on Third Party Provision

STARLITE shall, except in those cases set forth in the following, not provide personal data to a third party without obtaining your consent in advance.

  • cases in which personal data is provided accompanied by STARLITE entrusting a whole or part of the handling of the personal data within the necessary scope to achieve a utilization purpose. In this case, STARLITE shall exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over an entrusted person so as to seek the security control of the personal data of which the handling has been entrusted.
  • cases requested disclosure based on laws and regulations or cases requested from a public institution such as a court
  • cases in which there is a need to protect a human life, body or fortune, and when it is difficult to obtain your consent
  • cases in which there is a need to cooperate in regard to a central government organization or a local government, or a person entrusted by them performing affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and when there is a possibility that obtaining your consent would interfere with the performance of the affairs
  • cases in which personal data is provided accompanied with business succession caused by a merger or other reason

5.Jointly Utilization of personal information

STARLITE shall not jointly utilize it with other organizations without your approval.

6.Disclosure of personal data

In case of demand of STARLITE making a correction, addition or deletion and a utilization cease or deletion and ceasing a third-party provision in regard to the contents of the retained personal data, please contact inquiry below.

However, in order to prevent the leakage of personal information to a third party, STARLITE shall properly respond within a reasonable range and period in case of being confirmed that the request is made by the person himself.

7.Utilization of cookie

  • Cookie are sent and received between the browser of the computer used by you and the server so that you can browse our website more conveniently when you visit our website again. Cookie are stored in your browser and may be referred to by the server, but the file sent as a cookie from our website does not contain information that identifies you personally and violates your privacy. It does not affect the quality of your computer.
  • Purpose of utilizing cookie

    Our website utilizes cookie for the following purposes:

    • Improving the convenience of accessing our website, such as the function to avoid repeatedly inputting the same information on our website on a browser
    • Browsing and confirming the usage status of our website and improving advertising, marketing and services
    • Improvement of various functions of our services and products
    • Acquisition of access information to our website from cookie by a third-party advertisement distributor, display of our advertisement on other websites

In addition, you can refuse to receive cookie by displaying your browser settings or display a warning when you receive cookie, but in that case, you may not be able to utilize all or part of our services.

9.Revision of "Privacy Policy"

STARLITE shall review and revise the personal information protection initiative as appropriate. The revised "Privacy Policy" shall be posted on our website without delay.

10.Inquiry Contact

Business Support Division/General Affairs Department

23-7 Ohmiya-4, Asahi-ku, Osaka 535-0002, Japan