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Original Technologies

Starlite Co., Ltd. was founded in 1936 as a venture business to develop original phenolic resin sliding materials. Since then, we have been committed to bringing joy and inspiration (useful functions) to people and societies around the world, which we consider as our social role, in a wide range of fields including steel, pulp and paper, shipbuilding, industrial machinery, automotive, telecommunications, and housing industries by utilizing various materials such as high-performance engineering plastics and our key and advanced tribology (friction, wear, lubrication engineering) technology.

We are a technology development-oriented creative group that supports the safety and security of people’s lives and provides solutions for social issues by integrating Monozukuri and original technologies. It is Starlite’s mission to “provide support for an enriched life in harmony with nature,” and every moment we strive to fulfill this mission means growth for us.

In realizing our mission, we have the following three core values:

  • 1. Keep challenging

    We, Starlite, have always focused on advanced technology development and created visionary products and a dynamic organization that is always one step ahead of the times. Whenever we work on a project, we ask ourselves, “Is this a challenge that is one step ahead of the times?” and passionately face up to new challenges.

    Today, as the existence of the entire planet is exposed to risk and humanity’s mistakes have been called into question, we are facing a time when the direction of corporate challenges is also undergoing a major ethical reassessment. We believe that we, as human beings and as a corporation, must have a sense of ownership over the current situation and our challenges have to be meaningful for the global environment.

  • 2. Face social issues

    We do not merely pursue convenience and comfort in people’s lives, but provide experiences and services through our products that are truly necessary for the planet and society. We consider why we take up a particular theme, why we develop a specific technology or product, and whether our activities lead to meaningful solutions for social problems. Furthermore, we do not simply manufacture products and finish there. We work to create a system that does not place an excessive burden on the global environment by deepening our understanding of usability and non-manufacturing aspects and continuously making improvements to ensure that our products can be used longer and with less waste.

    In addition, we hope to pursue not only material wealth but also people’s well-being by focusing on serious problems such as social disparity, natural disasters, climate change, environmental pollution, mental illness, and life with very little balance etc., that we are facing as a result of recent economic development.

  • 3. Seek new encounters

    In order to solve various issues in today’s society, we would like to meet partners with whom we can work together through many new connections. To realize that, we must first be a presence that people want to work with.

    We, Starlite, aim to be an open company by mobilizing the power of the group and disseminating the latest technologies and ideas to society. We also want to connect with like-minded people with a common goal and incorporate flexible ideas through dialogue. We are passionate with co-creation and will take on the challenge of solving as many problems as possible for the future of the planet.

    The planet is entering a new phase. We are determined to make the best use of our founding venture spirit and unique and visionary ideas for the betterment of society. We look forward to working with you all.

President and CEO

President and CEO

Takamitsu Saigo

Takashi Saigo


All people aspire to be happy. The enterprise exists with the mission bringing people’s aspiration into reality. Hence, the enterprise is a social system whose role is to fulfill the expectations of people and society. Pursuing its own mission, STARLITE has been playing its role.

The mission of STARLITE is that of its members who work there. As long as we, members of STARLITE, carry out the respective mission, we are playing an important role to bring happiness to people and society. When the social raison d’etre of STARLITE is confirmed on such way, it will bring us joy and pride, which brightly colors the happiness that each of us seeking. We know that the joy and pride are irreplaceable in our lives and for STARLITE.

To an even greater joy and pride!

Shidare-Enju (Weeping Japanese Pagoda Tree)


The Origin of the Company Name and our Thoughts Behind the Logo

“Starlite” was not derived from “starlight.” It was named with the hope, “Let’s become a star in the Bakelite industry!” Bakelite is the first synthetic resin in the world invented by a chemist, L. H. Baekeland. Our name clearly shows that our origin is in the field of plastics. When the name, Starlite, was first introduced in 1938, such naming must have been quite “modern” for that time.

The Nine Stars in the company logo are each of a different size. In the diverse global environment, no thing is exactly the same as another. All the differences are meaningful and interesting and we all nurture relationships in harmony with and in respect of each other. As a member of the global community, we, Starlite, are connected to various stakeholders and supported by many ties. We have placed, in these Nine Stars, our desire to create new energy and to spiral upward through the deepening of our mutual trust for a long-term relationship.

Starlite Former Logo

(Former Logo)