Integrate competence and design
for next-generation mobility.

We consider what is needed and what we can do for the future mobility society. STARLITE offers next-generation mobility functions that make society more affluent and smart, from the perspectives of weight reduction, thermal management, lower friction, energy saving through improved aerodynamics, solutions for eco-materials, and improvement of comfort through sound absorption and NVH reduction.

Superiority of STARLITE

  • Weight reduction and
    aerodynamic improvement
  • Insulation and NVH reduction
  • Advanced design and
    CAE analysis technology

Develop exterior units that combine competence and good design.

The Cowl Grille, which has been adopted by Mazda for many years both in Japan and overseas, has evolved into a unit that takes into account not only the need for keeping vehicle performance and weight reduction, but also the protection of a pedestrian collision. STARLITE offers functional design and MONOZUKURI(Manufacturing) based on industry-leading CAE analysis technology, as well as "Functional Beauty" to match the requirement of next-generation mobility.

Cowl grill
Cowl grill
3D analysis
3D analysis
High-temperature and high-humidity chamber
High-temperature and high-humidity chamber

Adding "Functional Beauty" to the pursuit of carbon-free products.

The Active Grille Shutter (AGS) automatically controls airflow to the engine compartment. This is an indispensable item for improving fuel efficiency.

We are developing mass production parts for CFRP (carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics) structural components to maximize their potential and competence as well as BAKES Carbon, which combines CFRP's functional beauty with Kyoto's traditional technology, Nishijin Textile.

BAKES Carbon

STARLITE turns the customer's demands asking "Step further" into competence.

We will contribute to new value improvement by proposing technologies for improving environmental burden and fuel efficiency, which pursue weight reduction, compact design, verification of pedestrian protection, NVH reduction, thermal management, and aerodynamic control.