Create Brand New,STARLITE.

Create Brand New,

Pursuing innovation to the right direction
A creator of new competence

We AreA creator of new competence

Since our foundation in 1936, we have been engaged in the research and development of leading-edge
We have consistently created
innovative competence.

We have a total of 1,400
employees at 11 sites
in Japan and 8 overseas.

Superior analysis, innovative
technology solutions and development capabilities.

A creator of new competence, STARLITE.

solutions and

Our MissionLeading society to the right direction

We have always strived to maintain harmony with nature and society, and the
is what
we have valued.

Creators who embrace
"STARLITE Values."

Turn society's demands
asking furthermore into competence
and work with partners to the right direction.

and develop competence
"Step Further."

The Spirit of

A company is recognized its value only by providing what society needs. STARLITE has a history of more than 80 years as a company that creates new competence. At present, we, as a "company that looks towards the future", aim to make new further step, to walk along the path which we believe in, without depending on and belonging to others. “Self-reliance” has been our policy since founding.

Scenes inspired by our vision

  • The Six Ways of Thinking
    "The ways of thinking to help people living affluently as people" which are engraved at the entrance of our head office.
    The Six Ways of Thinking
  • Gateway Lanterns
    A work entitled "Rendezvous" glows beautifully in the evening.
    Gateway Lanterns
  • Figures of Ebisu and Daikoku (gods of good fortune)
    Built to pray for happiness in the community and prosperity of the company.
    Ebisu and Daikoku
  • Starlite Inari Shrine
    Inari-shrine dedicated to the Japanese god "Inari" at Ritto Plant.
    Starlite Inari Shrine
  • Shidare-Enju (Weeping Japanese Pagoda Tree) Boulevard
    The abundant nature around Ritto Plant forms part of the scenery.
  • Peafowls
    Peafowls have been bred as the spirit of harmony with nature.
  • Paintings by former chairman Takaaki Saigo
    Various locations inside the company are decorated with the paintings.
    Paintings by former chairman Takaaki Saigo
  • Spirit house
    The house of the gods of the land in Thai Starlite. We pray every day.
    Spirit house
  • Japanese drum
    In praying for safety and health, the employee of Hiroshima Plant used to beat drums.
    Japanese drum
  • Shinto rituals Kagura
    Pictures of Kagura, gifts from local high school students, engraved on the door of Hiroshima Plant.
    Shinto rituals Kagura
  • Friendly First
    A calligraphy written by the former chairman hung at Tokyo Branch Office.
    "Friendly First"
  • Keiten Aijin
    A calligraphy written by an employee hung at Starlite China. It is always close to the hearts of employees.
    Keiten Aijin