Exhibition Info - 22/08/2023Starlite exhibited S-Bear DD (resin gear reducer) and friction materials at the TECHNO-FRONTIER 2023.

Starlite exhibited at the TECHNO-FRONTIER 2023 (held from July 26 to 28, 2023 at Tokyo Big Sight) under the theme of "Advanced motion engineering that 'imagines' the future."


Starlite’s S-Bear DD aims to propose human-friendly robots and actuators by enhancing safety and practicality with unique reduction mechanism by flattening and with "two lightness" factors: the lightness of the product itself and back-drive torque. The purpose of this exhibition was to promote our product with the keyword "motion engineering" to manufacturers in a wide range of fields.

We had many visitors, mainly from major electronics manufacturers, and actuator-related and motor-related companies to our booth. The purpose of their visit was diverse, including reduction in size and weight with resin gear reducers, interest in underwater applications, and inquiries about specific issues, as well as information gathering and inquiries about future possibilities. It was a good opportunity for us to realize the broad base of the needs again.

We will continue to promote gear reducers and friction materials, and further our efforts to search for new applications.

Application Examples and Engineers' Columns

Development Story of Resin Gear Reducer

Example of Use in Water: Holding Radish

<Gear reducer S-Bear DD4830 Overview>

  • Product Name

    S-Bear DD4830

  • Product Concept

    S-Bear DD4830 is a compact and flat resin gear reducer that can achieve high torque. Original high polymer material ensures smooth rotation and maintenance -free operation.

  • Product Feature
    • Compared to metal gear reducers, there are “two lightness” factors: the lightness of the product and back-drive torque.
    • It is possible to use the product without lubrication and seals in water because of its rust-resistant feature.
    • It is possible to estimate torque on the joint and force from the motor current even in a submerged environment. (sensor-less control in submerged environments)
  • TECHNO-FRONTIER 2023 is Asia's largest exhibition specializing in the latest technologies and products in the fields of mechatronics, electronics and related specialties.

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