Schneider Electric × Touch panel frameThe outcome borne through pursuit with Schneider Electric at their manufacturing sites all over the world with competence helps to boost the brand image through the commitment to texture.

Starlite does not spare efforts to verify and improves its products in order to achieve the required quality level for Schneider Electric's HMI touch panel to be used with stable quality in various environment. Through the close cooperation between the engineers of the both companies and repeated try and error to obtain the texture required from the design, the products have been developed at a level exceeding the expectations and are successfully used at manufacturing sites around the world.

Touch panel frame

Touch Panel Frames are exterior component with competence, such as weather resistance, heat resistance, strength, and weight reduction, as well as color and texture.

They contribute to the improvement of brand value with the stable quality.

On Your Side Vol.2 Schneider Electric
The interview series to customers

SE(Schneider Electric) Mr. Nakagawa:"It is also reliable that STARLITE Group's technology development system and the manufacturing system at its production sites are cooperated globally."

SPPK(STARLITE’s group company in China) Wang:We are grateful to your support for long time. We are proud to have been able to support a number of your manufacturing sites.

SE Mr. Nakagawa:Under the concept of "products that connect people and machines," our product is developed as a market leader for touch panels, especially at manufacturing sites, in various places around the world.

Because HMI touch panel is used in various environments, whether indoors or outdoors, the range of functions required for touch panel frames is wide, and in addition to weather resistance, heat resistance, and weight reduction while maintaining strength, as well as sensitiveness such as color, texture, and touch.

SPPK Wang:We have always valued the competence development from the customer's side. Because we believe that customers can realize the good products only when they are adapted to the environment in which they are used. We demonstrate our ability to develop materials and geometries that we have accumulated to respond total balance you require. Especially since this product has a complicated geometry, we pay close attention to it at the tool development stage.

SE Mr. Nakagawa:Right. Optimum tool examination is indispensable for stable quality. At the start-up stage, I heard that good products were created by performing across their department globally when putting on track for mass production in China after tool developing such as pursuing optimization of tool specifications with own analysis equipment in Japan at that time. And I think this experience has become a relationship of trust, and has led to the maturity up to now.

SPPK Wang:"New ideas are born from close cooperation between engineers"

SPPK Wang:I’m very excited to hear it. Certainly it took a lot of hard work until the prototype of this frame was born and put on track for mass production. That's exactly the crystallization(result) of enthusiasm, isn't it? The close cooperation between engineers at that time was the basis and even today co-creations still continues, I realize. We believe that new ideas are born from the creation of connection, leading to solutions for added value.

SE Mr. Nakagawa:Exactly! In any case, STARLITE understands Schneider products in every aspect. From the beginning of the development stage, we have received more suggestions than we had expected in spite of emergent projects, including a number of repairment and improvement of functions. Since we have a long relationship with each other, I believe that we can have so many solutions for something extra, which cannot be conveyed by drawings from the viewpoint of material development and tool development.

SPPK Wang:We are now sharing knowledge with many experienced engineers in STARLITE Group. We are able to respond quickly to emergent and difficult projects, and lots of research results and operation data support those improvements.

SE Mr. Nakagawa:In China, where changes are rapid, response capabilities with a sense of speed are particularly required. It is also reliable that the STARLITE Group's technology development system and the manufacturing system at its production sites in China function borderless, isn't it? I have great expectations for this in the future as well.

SPPK Wang:We appreciate very much to your contact to us at any time. We will provide total solutions that exceed expectations when it comes to tribology technologies.

In conjunction with our partnerships with our customers, we have developed a variety of competence. Please make sure to consult with us.

We will contribute to new value improvements with high-performance plastic products that offer customers’ benefits in terms of weather resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, weight reduction, strength, electrical characteristics, color, texture, and tactile by our materials and designing geometry.